How much time will I deliver the order ?

We process orders daily, all orders placed before 17: 00 hours are shipped the same day. Depending on the country of destination will have a duration of delivery:

– 24-48 hours, to the following destinations: Portugal and peninsular Spain.

– 3-7 days for the following destinations: Spain Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Other countries EU

– 15-21 days for the following destinations: North America, South America and central america.

What company do you send the order ?

Depending on the destination country we use a different transport agency, to improve delivery times and ensure your shipping.

During the purchase process you can display the transport agency that will deliver your order.

Do I have a tracking number for the shipment of my order ?

Of course, all our shipments have guaranteed delivery, and you have a tracking number to have the total control of the status of your order for delivery.

What forms of payment are available to me to place the order ?

Depending on the destination country we will offer the available forms of payment, we guarantee that all are 100% safe and secure.

– Delivery: Portugal, Spain peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands.

– Debit/Credit: All countries

– Paypal: All countries

What if I select the payment method cash on delivery, you have any commission ?

No, we have managed to negotiate with the agency of transportation 0 commissions for this form of payment, because that is the form of payment demanded and used by our clients for the security and guarantee that offers the buyer, as they will not have to pay anything until the carrier delivers your order.

What if I select pay with card or paypal ? Will I have any commission ?

Yes, it will have a fixed commission of € 5 per order. It is the commission that we charge a payment gateway that integrates both options.